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Hunter's Exchange TV was on camp twice this year. For their thoughts and to view their hunts with, check out Hunter's Exchange TV on the Versus network for 2 shows featuring Straight Arrow Outfitters. The first is an early season archery hunt for mule deer and the second show is a late November rifle hunt for big Alberta whitetails!

Follow the link below to get to their website!  www.he-tv.com

I would like to thank you for a great time and all the hard work on the part of you and Bob in getting me on a nice mid 140 inch 9 point during our 2009 whitetail gun hunt.

Considering the warm weather, coming off a summer of drought and the lack of snow you consistently got us on deer day in and day out. We saw several nice bucks every day along with a good number of does and fawns.

There is a great mixture of agricultural land and bush, giving the deer a good food source and heavy cover giving them a chance to make it to 5 plus years. Combine that with the genetics we saw during the trip and you have a recipe for some exciting hunts. The locations we hunted carried good buck sign, giving me confidence that at any moment we could have an opportunity on a trophy deer.

I am very pleased with the deer I harvested and look forward to coming back to pursue the trophies that gave us a look, but never presented a good shot opportunity. I guess that’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting.

This is one of those places you definitely want to get back to. It carries a good number of trophy bucks and I have confidence that John and Bob will get us on them. When I make a trip like this, more important than getting an opportunity to harvest a deer, is knowing that you are in a position which at any moment could produce an opportunity to release an arrow or pull the trigger on a true trophy.

With Straight Arrow Outfitters I know the opportunity is there.

Thanks for a great hunt,

I have hunted with many outfitters over the years and most have been good experiences. The first time I hunted with Straight Arrow I realized how it's possible for an outfitter to take his work to another level. Straight Arrow not only knows the deer and the hunting areas inside and out, they know the land owners as well.

If it is permission to hunt a new piece of private land that is needed or an inside tip from a property owner, Straight Arrow has the trust and respect from local landowners to get the job done. Believe me the quality of the deer in their area is unbelievable, so if it is a serious hunt for monster Whitetail or eye popping Mule Deer that you have in mind, nobody will work any harder to help you accomplish your goal than Straight Arrow.

Terry Weber
Hunters Exchange TV

I had the privilege of hunting with Straight Arrow Outfitters in the fall 2012 and was very happy with my hunt for Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer. Head guide and owner John Fletcher worked very hard for me to harvest the deer that I wanted. Great accommodations, Superb Guides, and awesome food! If you like to see between 15 - 30 deer a day give John a try, I know I will be back! Trust me there are some monster bucks in his area.

Gerry Bourgoin