2012 Blog

2012 was one of most successful years to date! September and October had me out scouting deer and finding new areas for the clients coming in November. I also got the chance to do a little bow hunting myself. November started with myself and my dad heading to southern Alberta on my own first ever elk hunt. We had tons of fun saw some awesome country and I connected on my first ever elk...a bull elk to boot! Mid November came and found Dave and Marco arriving in camp from Quebec. It didn't take long in the blind and Marco had his first ever mule deer. Dave was able to hold out a bit longer and saw lots of mule deer and lots of buck and connected a couple days later on a very unique buck. Attention then turned to whitetails with Marco changing stands for a couple days. On the third day after Dave got his mule deer we pick up Marco to move him and 15 minutes later after a short deer drive Marco had his first ever 5x5 whitetail. Gerry then arrived for the last week of the season with an enthusiasm and passion for hunting I haven't seen in a long time. We had a blast spotting and stalking mule deer for the first couple of days seeing 2 170 inch and a 190 inch monster all within the first 2 hours! A big 2 point still haunts Gerry, he was a very mature buck and definitely had his run of the area. Gerry connected on his first ever mulie on his second morning of the hunt and I've never seen a happier guy! Gerry had some close chances on some big whitetails but the luck wasn't in his favour those days. He did get a nice buck on the last afternoon of his hunt. We also had a couple resident tags of our own and my dad was lucky and connected on a big whitetail and a monster 200 inch mulie just days apart. Now its time to turn to shed hunting with the deer starting to drop now. The potential is great so hope to see you up here to continue the success!

2011 Blog
Well with another great season in the books we not turn our attention to predator hunting and calling those coyotes. 2011 saw no bookings with clients so it allowed me to spend time hunting myself and hunting with my family. I had numerous experiences in archery season with big mulie bucks. I was inside 40 yards on 4 of the big boys but held off as they weren't quite where they needed to be and would be bigger for next year and waiting for the clients! November found me chasing whitetails with the family. We saw numerous bucks with some easily going around that 160 mark. The big bucks beat us on those days but we had a ton of fun and know they will be out there still for next year! I personally scored on my first whitetail since 2008 with a nice even 5X5 that goes 150' net. The prospects look good for 2012 so book early for the best dates!

2010 Blog

Another great season is in the books with memories and experiences afield to last a lifetime. The season started with great expectations as trail camera pictures showed some big whitetails (see gallery). Archery season found us out many days but the big boys eluded us. Personal success came in October as I connected on a great antelope! November found us hunting hard and spending long days in the woods. One client and I spent 10 straight days in a blind in -40 to -50 degree cold. We were successful on a couple decent bucks in November and already lookign forward to the 2011 season! Hope to see you in camp with us!

2009 Blog

With the 2009 season completed, I would like to say it was a success. The conditions were tough this year with the weather being unseasonably warm, and no snow until the last day of rifle season. We hunted hard this fall and saw many great deer with some success. The opportunities were there but with hunting being hunting there we had some exciting close calls but just couldn't connect on that big buck. We were all going mule deer crazy for sure! Rifle season started with a wide 32 inch outside spread mule deer being taken. Hunter's Exchange Television returned the last week of November. We hunted hard that week and Scott got his biggest buck in 4 years! We saw other bruisers but with the weather being so warm it just didn't help bring them out. Now that the season is over it time to get the trail cameras out to see what is out there for you in 2010 and to get calling some coyotes! Hope to see you all next fall!

2008 Blog

Well the 2008 season has come and gone already. With this year being my first full season as an Outfitter I would have to call it a great success! Both my family and clients enjoyed success this year. In the Archery season we hunted hard but with no success. The opportunities were there and we had some close calls but we couldn't connect. Hunter's Exchange TV now knows what I mean by Mule Deer Crazy! Rifle season started with a bang, as my dad connected on 170+ buck on the 3rd day of the season. I myself didn't have many days to hunt and caught up with a wide 6X5. Hunter's Exchange TV returned for the last week of November and the action was fast and furious with 3 bucks being taken in the first 4 days. Keith and Terry's deer were both the biggest bucks they have ever shot! Kris followed them with an excellent buck making that 3 buck hunts all captured on video for Hunter's Exchange TV! Now that the season is over its time to get the trail cameras out there and see what's still on the hoof for next year! See you then!