I am John Fletcher and I am the Owner/Operator of Straight Arrow Outfitters.

I am an avid bow hunter and rifle hunter. I live to be in the outdoors and want to share my experiences and time outdoors with as many others as I can. I have been hunting since I was little when my parents would take me along with them. Since then I have been hooked on scouting, look for shed antlers and of course bow and rifle hunting.

I am looking forward to providing quality outdoor and hunting experiences that will last and provide memories forever.

Straight Arrow Outfitters provides big game outfitting and guiding services for non-residents of Alberta. Owned and operated by myself I am aiming to provide a family orientated and wholesome experience, where every hunter gets personal 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 guided hunts for big game, predator or varmint hunting. I have an official Alberta 'Outfitter/Guide's Designation' and my company is an active member of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society ("APOS").

I enjoy meeting people, and working with them to help them enjoy the outdoors and experiences I have been able to have. I am looking forward to providing quality outdoor and hunting experiences that will last and provide memories forever for you and me as well!

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All hunters want to hunt where they have the highest odds of harvesting their trophy animal. The best way to improve your odds is to hunt in Alberta, but also to remember to hunt with realistic expectations to avoid going home disappointed because monster bucks aren't behind every tree.

As all true hunters know, a good guide, combined with 100 per cent sincere effort and a positive hunter attitude will always produce better results and a more enjoyable and memorable hunt. Add in the country and terrain of Alberta to the equation and you are probably operating at the highest reasonable odds of harvesting a true trophy.

I want to emphasize proper perspective in all of our dealings with our guests especially those of the next generation so that the true meaning of hunting is not lost. I do not oversell my hunts on the basis of monster bucks every time, or my possibilities of finding that monster the first day/trip you are here. I only have one record book buck myself but many marvelous trophies due to the experiences with the one I have gotten and missed! I tell you how it really is and trust me from experience that things rarely ever come together the way you think they should that is what makes each animal you harvest a true trophy no matter what the size. What I will provide is an enjoyable experience, lots of flexibility and a 100 per cent solid effort on your behalf everyday that you are here.

There are many uncontrollable elements associated with any hunt, more so than variables you can control. They may limit the hunt but the Outfitter/Guide and hunter must work together and overcome these odds, in doing this the animal harvested or that you have a chance at becomes even more of a trophy to the both of you! I anticipate that hunters will see a variety of big and small game, and while I cannot guarantee a kill, I can guarantee a solid effort and perhaps the hunting experience of a lifetime with the potential for world-class results.

I will help you spot the game - you decide whether it meets your criteria, and if so, the hunt will be on, be it calling, spot and stalk, working the bush, ground blind hunting behind camo or in a natural blind provided by the terrain, tree stand hunting or some combination of these proven techniques. You will have an opportunity on an animal at least once during the hunt. Then it is up to you to decide if that animal is the trophy that you are looking for on this experience.

I suggest to our hunting guests that I hope to be able to show them 125 class whitetail and 140 class mule deer on our deer hunts while they are here. I want you to harvest that big animal as much as you do. Our hunting guests appreciate our honesty and are rarely disappointed! My philosophy is to under-promise and you will never be disappointed with the results at the end of the hunt! My mandate is to make every effort to ensure an enjoyable trip and a memorable wilderness experience, while at the same time hopefully providing an opportunity to "bag the big one".

In summary, Straight Arrow Outfitters is offering the following: Licensed, bonded and insured guides on a 2:1 or 1:1 basis Record Book potential Productive territories Mule deer and whitetail hunts, predator hunts, and varmint hunting, or a combination of these options. Accommodations to fit your individual needs including camp wall tents, cabin accommodations, heated motor homes/travel trailers with full facilities, hotels/motels in small towns Wholesome meals prepared by a full time chef in our camps, ranch "mothers" on our ranch hunts and local approved restaurants in our other camps. In most camps, we provide healthy meals including fresh fruit and vegetables, and wild game (where available). Rural scenery Airport service (complementary) for arrivals and departures and travel to and from camp Complementary rough caping and trophy and meat pick-up from camp.


APOS/Straight Arrow Outfitters Code of Ethics

In accordance with the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, Straight Arrow Outfitters, strives to be highly ethical and law abiding and adheres to the APOS Code of Ethics.


Members of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society of Alberta subscribe to a high standard of professional conduct and ethics. This code provides a standard of conduct for an outfitter, and gives the sportsman a clear indication of what to expect from a member outfitter.

1. A member, or anyone employed by a member, shall not breach, encourage or condone any violation of the Alberta Wildlife Act and regulations. A member shall make a reasonable effort to report any violation of the Alberta Wildlife Act and regulations, of which they have knowledge, to an Alberta Conservation Officer or to Report a Poacher, at their earliest opportunity. A member shall be in a position to advise both employees and clients of their rights and responsibilities under the Act and regulations, while under his jurisdiction.

2. A member, or any of his employees, shall not use any alcohol, or any other drug or substance, to the extent that the use impairs the user physically or mentally, while engaged by a client.

3. A member shall be willing to make restitution in cash or in-kind for breach of contract between himself and his client, where the client is not at fault.

4. A member breaches the APOS code of ethics who gives false or misleading information to prospective clients and, in particular, information relating to accommodation, weather, in respect to his/her experience, quantity and quality of game species, outfitting fees and expenses, hunting terrain and equipment available.

5. A member shall maintain clean, comfortable, sanitary accommodation and should promote the highest possible standards in the preparation of food.

6. A member shall provide each client, in writing, prior to the commencement of the hunt, with a complete rate (CDN or US$) schedule, which shall include all charges, a deposit policy, and deposit refund policy, for services offered. Rates or policies will not be changed from those published without the written consent of the client after the outfitter receives and accepts the deposit from the client.

7. A member will not interfere, by solicitation or otherwise, with a contract between another outfitter and client, when it is known or reasonably should be known that a contract to provide services exists between that other outfitter and a client.

8. A member shall employ only competent guides with the prerequisite skills and knowledge of the hunting area and species hunted, to ensure that the contract between the client and outfitter is fulfilled. A member shall maintain a reasonable degree of supervision over employee/contract guides to ensure that the services offered are in accordance with the contract signed with the client.

9. A member shall make every effort to ensure the safety of clients, during the hunting trip, and during transportation to and from the hunting area. Firearm safety will be a priority at all times during the conduct of the hunt.

10. A member shall maintain a degree of proficiency, responsibility and professional standards satisfactory to APOS.

11. There shall be full cooperation between members of APOS. Prior use rights, camp sites, bear baits, grazing privileges and other existing practices of members will be respected by fellow members and their employees/contract guides. A member shall not, without just cause, directly or indirectly, injure the reputation or business of a fellow member of Alberta's Outfitted hunting industry. A member shall also respect the activities and needs of the resident hunter by not initiating or soliciting for exclusive use of any wildlife resource or access.

12. A member shall not advertise outfitting services unless he is the holder of a Class S, Class T or Bird Game Outfitter Guide Permit and the holder or permitted user of the allocations or waterfowl privileges to be used (update February 2007).

13. A member has a duty to uphold the standards and reputation of the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society and the outfitting profession and assist in the advancement of their goals. A member shall not harm or tend to harm APOS or the outfitting profession.

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